A quick drive down Bloomfield Avenue, in North Newark, reveals scores of restaurants from all over the world. The neighborhood’s old Italian bakeries and pizzerias have been replaced by restaurants from places like Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, Brazil. Indeed, the diversity of cuisines served and languages spoken on Bloomfield Avenue reflect the latest wave of immigration that has shaped Newark’s cultural life.

At the heart of this diversity is La Casa de Don Pedro. La Casa has been providing services to the community for almost thirty years, and its services are adapting to reflect the changing populations of Newark.

Our latest video features the stories of three women who have recently migrated to the United States – from Vietnam, Mexico, and Ecuador. Through their words, we learn how La Casa has become an invaluable organization and welcoming second home to the newest Newarkers.

We also interviewed La Casa’s Executive Director, Ray Ocasio, who credits La Casa’s generous staff and volunteers for the organization’s growth and continued success.

Learn more about La Casa de Don Pedro by visiting their website or various locations throughout Newark.La Casa de Don Pedro